Adam Rooyakkers

Adam Rooyakkers



About Coach

I was a collegiate track and cross country athlete at Cornell College in Iowa who specialized in middle distant events (400m, 800m, and 1600m). While in college I was a 4-time conference champion, 8-time all-conference athlete, and school record holder in the Distance Medley. Prior to college, I was involved in various sports including baseball, basketball, running, golf, fishing, and weightlifting.

Turning Point

After college, I spent several years not leading an active lifestyle and put on over 50 pounds (over a 25% increase in mass). I was lazy, out of shape, and unhappy. I decided to make a change and started weightlifting on my own (again) and but found that I was having issues with following programs, diet, and overall I was hitting major strength plateaus. I was in better shape, but there had to be more. That’s when I found CrossFit. The constant variety, class setting, and coaching provided me with the accountability and push that I needed to be at my best. This methodology has stuck with me ever since and I continue to work every day at being my best.

Motivation & Passion

Since starting my coaching journey in 2020, I have found a great appreciation for the sport/methodology and a draw to people with a passion have to bettering themselves. As a coach, my passion is helping to fine-tune your movements, focusing on the long-term outcome (think big picture), and helping you to recover that feeling of confidence in yourself. CrossFit is not easy, but it's that challenge that makes this community so great!

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