Continuing To Make Progress

June 7, 2022
Continuing To Make Progress

After you have been working out for a while (for many of us, years), it can be tough to continue make progress. This often leads to feelings of discouragement and can bring our training to a halt. Plateaus, burnout, and disillusionment. Veteran Southpaw member, Rim, has been there. She has also persevered through. Rim has been active and working out since her mid-20s, which continued until she gave birth to her son. As her son got older, Rim lost her motivation to workout. Shortly afterwards, she began having anxiety: her eyes started twitching and she was experiencing heart palpitations. Since she didn’t want to take medications, her doctor suggested that start an exercise program to help combat the anxiety. That’s when she found CrossFit. At first Rim was hesitant because, like many others, she thought that CrossFit was scary. However, since Rim had done bootcamps before, she decided to try it out.She fell in love with CrossFit right away because it was different from anything she had tried before. It was a humbling experience - there was always a challenge. However, she realized that no matter what your fitness level was, there was always a way to push yourself - to continue to grow. This allowed her to set different types of goals for herself. Setting goals is one of the keys to success as it helps you stay focused along the way. Rim recalls that her experience with bootcamps was quite different from her experience with CrossFit. She went to the same bootcamp class for four years and had the same instructor, yet her instructor didn't even know her name; at CrossFit the coach and other members knew her name after day one. Rim also liked that CrossFit offered the opportunity to build on your strengths and attack your weaknesses. Rim didn’t consider herself a morning person but she quickly began working out in the morning because of the close friends she made at the CrossFit gym. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to have a good workout community — a supportive group of people who will encourage you and help keep you accountable. Although she liked the workout at boot camps, Rim found that they began to be repetitive and she didn’t push herself the way that she did at CrossFit. She also likes the workout tracking software (like this one that we use at Southpaw) because it allows her to measure progress.Rim insists that having a good coach will set you up for success. She would encourage you to find someone who helps you build awareness of your body and who encourages you to balance work and rest so that you don’t overtrain.Rim also realized that being a perfectionist is a double-edged sword. However, if you can learn to harness perfectionism correctly it can become your superpower. To continue making progress in your fitness journey, you need to figure out what type of support network & workout methodologies help you thrive. For some, that may be running alone with headphones in. For many, however, it’s an encouraging community, professional coaches, and exciting workout routines.If you would like to learn more and set up a time to chat with one of our coaches, visit to schedule your Free Consultation today!

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