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At CrossFit Southpaw we believe that the CrossFit methodology was revolutionary and paved the way for a new era of fitness by introducing the high-intensity group class format. This methodology magnified and expedited the results of people who want to get in shape - allowing them to get in better shape, faster.

Over the years, we have learned that CrossFit, just like any landmark development (like the iPhone) can be improved (much like the original iPhone compared to the latest model)

At Southpaw we have created a unique training system that augments the original CrossFit methodology. Simply put, intentional variety, variable intensities, and a broader movement base have allowed our members to see better results, experience a safer workout, and achieve their goals faster than they have ever before.

That's the Southpaw way.

What to expect?

Workouts can be adjusted in weight, intensity, and mechanics to modify to the experience and fitness levels of any individual, be it a total fitness beginner or elite competitive CrossFitter.

CrossFit is designed to be constantly varied, meaning everyday is different so you never get bored. All workouts are based on the core movements of life, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing and more.

All of our CrossFit Classes are coach-led and follow a planned progression that is no more than 60 minutes in duration and follow this basic structure:

A knowledgeable and energetic coach will guide you through a warm-up, specific movement instruction, and crank the music for a strength and conditioning based workout.

The coach will help keep you motivated and safe during the workout so that you can leave full of endorphins and ready to attack your day!

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