Friday 3.20.20

June 7, 2022
Friday 3.20.20

I know a lot of you like the strength work we are able to do regularly at the gym. While it is harder to do without access to barbells and weights, there are still some great ways to get a good strength stimulus (side note: most of the "metabolic" things that we do will increase your strength too)!So, we are starting today out with 3x10 bulgarian split squats. If you are comfortable with these - dig into them! You will get a great leg pump. If you are newer to squatting, I would suggest you do really good goblet squats (with a dumbbell or Kettlebell). Find a rep number that is challenging and do it three times!

For the Metcon: keep moving! If the weight gets too heavy on the squats, stick with air squats and use your weight for the KB swings. Want more tips and tricks? See the workout video below! This should be a fast little burner:, here is a quick "How-To" on the Split Squats:

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