How Developing Consistency Builds Resiliency with Paul Darda

June 7, 2022
How Developing Consistency Builds Resiliency with Paul Darda

We all know that person who always seems to succeed no matter what life throws their way. They're the ones that seem to have an answer for everything, and they never let anything get them down. You might think that they were born luckier than everyone else, but the truth is, they're just really good at developing consistency. Consistency allows them to build resiliency, which is the ability to bounce back from any adverse experience. So how can you build consistency in your own life? Read on to find out!Paul Darda, a founding member at CrossFit Southpaw, experienced the same thing. Paul is a history teacher, father, husband, athlete, and CrossFit quarterfinalist. He's been athletic his entire life. He wrestled in college, participated in sprint triathlons, and then dabbled in various weight training and general fitness programs. However, Paul realized that he missed the camaraderie he found in athletic communities despite working out with some of his teacher crew. He wasn't being productive, he wasn't sticking to a schedule, and things were becoming sporadic and boring. He realized he needed a structured program. CrossFit piqued his interest, and he decided to participate in the CrossFit Open in 2015, where his CrossFit journey began.Paul Darda believes that to be successful, you need to change your perspective. To shift your mindset away from needing to “win” everything. He believes that it is not about the number of reps you can do in a workout or the number of pounds you can lift. “It is not about the number. It’s about consistency.” It doesn't have to be the best hour of his day; he just wants to be the best version of himself and not compare with anybody else. It's not even about acquiring that mindset; it’s the pursuit of that mindset that builds resiliency. Developing a mindset that can withstand stress and turmoil is what life is and how we respond to it to move forward. Just like when a pandemic broke out, everyone was coping and adapting to the changes: physically, emotionally, and mentally.Developing and having a growth mindset is essential to developing resiliency. Someone with a growth mindset believes that they can expand and still change if they work hard. A person with a fixed mindset believes that their capabilities are set in stone and cannot be changed. One of the primary lifestyle habits that can affect this is finding the right culture - surrounding yourself with people who also view life through this paradigm. As a culture, we are afraid to fail, or we don't want to show that we're not good at an activity. To grow, it’s imperative that you find the right culture & environment where your value is based on effort not on capabilities. To find something that you can be consistent with, it must be something you enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, you won't find consistency. To achieve success in any area of life, you need to be consistent. This is especially true for developing habits and behaviors that will help you become more resilient. If you want to bounce back from any challenge or obstacle, you need to have a strong foundation of consistency. By creating daily routines and sticking to them, you'll train your mind and body to be able to handle anything that comes your way. So don't give up when things get tough – find other people who support your endeavor and use them to keep you accountable. You'll be glad you did!

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