Monday 3.30.20

June 7, 2022
Monday 3.30.20

RECORDED CLASS:View of CoachesView of AthletesHopefully you were able to get some recovery in this weekend because we have a great week of programming ahead for you!

In our prewod, we are hitting the core - hard. Weighted situps, flutter kicks, and monkey planks. This is where we want your focus to be in this workout. Really be intentional about these reps, stay tight through the middle, and work hard!The workout is Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for 16 minutes. Minute 1 is Single DB Devils Press, Min 2 is a rest minute, Minute 3 is max reps of air squats, and minute 4 is another rest.Looking at this, we would have a completely different workout if we didn't have the built in rest. What do I mean by that? I mean that we want you to work HARD and FAST during the minutes you are working. Don't sacrifice form for speed, but try to be intentional amount minimizing unnecessary movement, settling into a rhythm, and pushing the tempo!MODIFICATION OPTIONS:Part A) For the core work, drop the "weighted" and just perform really good situps. During the monkey planks, modify by holding a really tight plank position for :45-1:00Part B) If you are unable to do the devils presses just do burpees or updowns - and keep them fast! If we need to modify the air squats, I would look first to either lunges or good mornings. If we need to get more creative feel free to ask one of the coaches!

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