Saturday 4.4.20

June 7, 2022
Saturday 4.4.20

NOTE: Starting tomorrow (Sunday), we are transitioning all of our workouts and workout recordings to WODIFY (either the app or the wodify website). Aka, we will not be using this website anymore. I believe most people use wodify already and I hope that this does not add confusion. This is being done for a couple reasons: it will streamline our process and get everyone on the same page, and it will save quite a bit of time every day that is currently spent posting the same workout information in two places. This will allow us to serve you better! If you need help figuring this out please feel free to contact us!Coach Led RecordingClass View RecordingYesterday was fast and intense.Today we have a more sustained effort and a great time to focus on your shoulders and core.For those of you who have a jump rope - this is the day to bring it out! If not, don't worry... We have a great modification we will show you in a second.We are starting out with Turkish Get Ups. we will review the movement and then do an alternating EMOM for 10 minutes:Even Minutes: 2 TGU (alternating arms)Odd Minutes: 5 Single Leg Deadlifts per sideWe then get into a great 12 minute AMRAP of:40 Double Unders20 Russian KB Swings (10 each arm)20 Alt. V-UpsWe will be able to modify all of these movements to whatever size dumbbell you have available! We hope to see you at class at 9:00am otherwise post your score in the Southpaw Squad!

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