Angela Josephs

Angela Josephs



About Coach

Growing up an athletic child and playing competitive sports I had every intention of continuing sports as an adult. As life does, however, it took a turn; I got diagnosed with breast cancer at 29 years old.

Turning Point

After a tumultuous season of my life, I came out the other side with a new mind, body, and spirit. This led me on to a new fitness path. I needed to try it, I needed to try it all! I was already a personal trainer and one day as I was working out in a ‘globo’ gym, bald and boob-less, one of the members came up to me and told me how inspiring I was for showing up to the gym every day. They told me I should be doing competitions. I listened, I did, and I did well. I competed in MN Bodybuilding, Physique, and Figure competitions. After 7 shows, I started training to compete in Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Indoor Rowing. I have held state titles in Powerlifting and currently hold state titles for MN in Weightlifting for over 7 years, in three divisions. I have won Weightlifting competitions at the American Open and Masters Nationals and Rowing events at the University of Iowa.

Motivation & Passion

As life does, it took another turn, my feet. In the last few years, I have had over 5 unexpected surgeries on my feet and this has been tough, physically and mentally. After a total of 7-foot surgeries being unable to walk, drive, or even take care of myself for most of the two+ years, I am now on the mend to a new fitness journey. I even competed in a Weightlifting competition in between a foot surgery to earn a new state title. My feet are giving me a new start, which means another new fitness journey… what will it be this time? Come into Southpaw, and see how this community has supported and helped me through this journey and how they can help you with your fitness journey. I am a dedicated, disciplined, and educated coach. Crossfit coaching, personal training, and working as a trainer with a non-profit for cancer survivors for over 20+ years is what I do, it is who I am. Thriving on helping others and challenging athletes' abilities to skills they never knew they had, is what I love. Join Southpaw and come experience my coaching, and the community. See what you are capable of!

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