Dana Chicoine

Dana Chicoine

Head Coach


About Coach

I was not the athletic type growing up. I was more involved in the arts and music - even so far as getting my Bachelors in Music Education and becoming a teacher for over 8 years. I started CrossFitting in 2013. I began way out of shape, overweight, and generally intimidated by the idea, but found myself loving going to classes.

Turning Point

This was because of the incredible coaching and awesome community that CrossFit provided. I saw myself getting stronger, losing weight, being more comfortable, and making friends. Needless to say - I was hooked! From there I moved my career as a music teacher to a full time coach and trainer. Through the years I have continued to gain skills and experience to work with athletes of all levels and in a variety of fields - through coaching group classes, nutrition, and personal training.

Motivation & Passion

My goal as a coach is to help people find success and enjoyment in their fitness journey. I believe being fit and healthy is something that everyone can achieve - and I love to be a part of that!

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