Grace Melander

Grace Melander



CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I played all kinds of sports growing up: softball, running, cross country skiing, and even cheerleading. Since I had always played organized sports, I never learned how to take training into my own hands. When I finished high school, I stopped exercising completely. I had experienced a lot of trauma growing up and spiraled into addiction. I was eventually able to piece my life back together, however, my addictive personality reared its ugly head in my relationship with food. I began gaining weight and I felt out of control. This began a severe dieting/regaining cycle. I would only eat fish and broccoli and run miles on end. I would lose 60 lbs in 5 months only to regain 80. I was truly miserable.

Turning Point

Eventually, my unhealthy lifestyle and weight caused me to develop chronic pain. I woke up in the mornings and it hurt to just walk. My siblings mentioned signing up for a 5k and, for whatever reason, I committed. Though eventually, they all backed out, I still proceeded. The seed that was planted by doing that 5k caused me to sign up for a half marathon on my own. I started to train and change my diet. This time instead of extreme restriction I just chose better foods and moderation. I finished the half marathon and knew I had to keep working to be healthier. I NEVER imagined that I would become a "gym person." After the half marathon, I needed to find something different. I joined a local chain gym. I went there for a year and saw minimal progress and made no friends. After being exposed to CrossFit I scouted out several local gyms on social media and decided to try one. Once again, I took a leap of faith: I committed. I showed up and four years later my life has completely changed. I never thought I would be able to do half the things I am capable of and every year I learn more and achieve more. This year I am running my first marathon and my first ultra trail run! I have become so much more confident in who I am and what my body can do. I changed my relationship with food, exercise, and self-image.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping every member realize their infinite potential. I view every member as an athlete and I want them to feel that way. I love encouraging every member to set goals for themselves. How can they become better? How can they push their capabilities? I believe learning these little things about yourself inside the gym helps you find confidence and strength outside of the gym as well. I want members to learn how to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. I believe the best way to do that is to make it fun, make it accessible, and make it challenging. I want them to know that they can change their lives in ways they would never imagine - both in and out of the gym!

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