Sunday 3.29.20

June 7, 2022
Sunday 3.29.20

Today is a "Social Media Rest Day" - a time for family, to be outdoors, and to spend some time refocusing for the upcoming week. However...The Vitality Challenge starts today!! Everyone who indicated interest will be receiving an email or facebook invite into their group and will also be assigned an accountability partner! Keep your eyes peeled for this infoWe still have a workout for those of you who would like something more directed! Though we ran yesterday (Saturday), we are encouraging you to get outside and run once again! Part of "constant variance" is occasionally doing the same type of movement two days in a row.Start with 5-10 minutes of warmup jogging/running. Find a hill near your house and do 6-8 hill sprints. No, these shouldn't be hill "runs" - they should be all out sprints. Focus on turning your legs over faster and faster. When you think you are going fast enough, dig in and push it just a little bit more! We are not looking for an extreme distance here: 15-20 seconds will be more than enough. After every rep, walk down to the bottom (take full recovery) before attempting your next one.Hill sprints are GREAT for developing overall athletic capacity - fast twitch muscle fibers, core (yes, core), anaerobic development, aerobic components, explosiveness, power, the list could go on and on.When you come back in, do 10 minutes of streching on your own. Any stretch that feels good is fair game. Put some time into your recovery today so we can hit next week hard!

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