Friday 3.27.20

June 7, 2022
Friday 3.27.20

Click HERE to watch a recording of today's class! Click HERE to watch that same class... But with all of the other athletes working out!Friday is here and we have a great workout for you! This workout will get challenging... but, you have to earn your right to that challenge! The traditional rep scheme of decreasing reps is getting flipped on its head... Reps are increasing and the difficulty will increase as you move forward!This workout demands mental toughness: try to hang on through the up-downs and kettlebell swings and be strategic about how you break up the hand release pushups.After the metcon, we have a full body core workout: four minutes, max reps of quadruped knee/elbow touch. Every time you break, do 10 supermans. Maximizing the number of reps you get means that you are intentional with your rest period - getting just enough rest to allow you to do a big set - but too much rest where you miss out on reps at the end.Are you ready??

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