Friday 4.3.20

June 7, 2022
Friday 4.3.20

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are going to be transitioning AWAY from this webiste and onto Wodify exclusively. Don't worry! The recordings will still be posted! However, we are current adding information onto 3 different platforms which is redundant and takes time away from where our time could be better spent: checking in with you! I am posting todays recordings here, but I encourage you to go to Wodify (log on to wodify here or through the app) as well to see the recordings there! They will be there when you first log on! Recording from Coach ViewRecording from Class ViewAs the week comes to a close, we hit a class CrossFit couplet. Based loosely off of a CrossFit Open workout from a few years ago, we have a "For Time" workout involving Thrusters and Burpees.

Look for this workout to move fast. Keep the pedal down and push through the sets - even when you feel like you can't go any harder. 21 Thrusters (on each arm) followed by 21 burpees over the dumbbell, then 15 of each, and 9 of each.It's tough to find a more challenging combination that these two movements. Long range of motion, compound body movements, executed at a high pace. Simple, classic, and effective!Class will probably be a little shorter today and we want to hear from you afterwards!

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