Monday 3.23.20

June 7, 2022
Monday 3.23.20

CLICK HERE to watch a coached class at your leisure - follow along with other members!Direct link ->! This is one of the most infamous CrossFit Workouts... 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pullups. We are putting a little spin on it - complete the work with a single dumbbell. Because of this, the workout is going to take longer than traditional "Fran." I finished it in 5:29 with a 50# DB (I only share that for perspective) - try to keep the workout under 10 minutes!We are looking for 21 Single Arm Thrusters on one side followed by 21 Bent Over Rows on the same side. Repeat the set of 21 Single Arm Thrusters and Bend Over Rows on the other side. Then follow the same pattern on the sets of 15 and 9.MODIFICANTIONS If the thrusters get too challenging you could start by changing the number. Maybe do 15-12-9 rather than 21-15-9. However, if any of these things happen on the thrusters: losing position, only able to do sets of 1 or 2, missing depth on your squats, etc. - drop the dumbbell and either find a lighter object or do air squats. For more individualized modification options, join our zoom class tomorrow at 7:00am!

We will still be making videos periodically but starting tomorrow, we will be running LIVE classes on Zoom. Click here to join us. Until then, one more video to keep you... entertained? Plank VideoDB Hollow Pull Video

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