June 7, 2022

Let the quarantine begin! We will be posting daily workouts and workout briefings on this page. Every night, we will add the next day's workout. If you are on Facebook, we have an active discussion on there regarding the day's workout. Lookup "The Southpaw Squad" and request to join us!If you are not on Facebook (or even if you are) reach out to your friends via text message or phone calls. I know you are probably thinking "everyone else is doing this so I don't need to" but... How many people reached out to you today? I know that sounds trite, but, seriously: let's be the change in the lives of others. Watch that change comeback to you. Let's stick together through this and come out the other side stronger!Here is Wednesday's workout. Get ready for a burner:

Watch the Workout Briefing for how to do the workout and tips by clicking below:

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