Saturday 3.28.20

June 7, 2022
Saturday 3.28.20

The weekend is here! Oh wait... Not too much changes. Welcome to Saturday everyone! Today we will be doing our LIVE workout at 9:00am! (Click the link to join us)For the workout today, we want to get you guys outside so this is what we are going to do:Three sets of DB/KB Strict Press (each arm). Using one arm forces you to stabalize your core and will be a great way to strengthen your shoulders. We are looking for (ballpark) 8-12 reps per side - but I would go until you can't do any more. Not "absolute failure" but try to get a good full set!After the strength piece, we will review burpees and running mechanics and get into our WOD. The workout is: 40 burpees then 2 mile run (or 20 minutes of running/jogging/walking). Here's the kicker - outside of the running time cap, this workout is not-for-time. If you feel good and WANT to go hard - go for it! However, this workout should feel refreshing and energizing. We have a sprint workout tomorrow!When you come back in from the run, the coaches will lead you through some stretches and create a time for people to talk and share. We would love to hear from you!

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